Find out who is working with a machine, if a machine needs maintenance or how much of your equipment doesn't get used often. Suivo's smart construction solutions help you to optimize your business.

Asset tracking construction site
asset management construction site

Built to last

The Suivo Cloud Platform securely collects all data from your assets in the cloud. Like this, you always have all data available, to make further processing a lot faster and error-free.

  • Machine, asset and equipment management is a must in a modern construction company. Digital material management saves time, increases transparency and helps you make better business decisions.
  • Safety is ensured as you monitor running hours of cranes, excavators, etc. The system also keeps track of when your equipment is due for maintenance, inspection or reparations.
  • Less admin with automated time registration. Have you ever calculated how long your staff is calculating mobility allowances and correct wages?

Construction solutions

Watch in real-time the location and status of your vehicles, machines and equipment. Classic BlackBoxes with a SIM card to autonomous Sigfox or LoRa trackers follow up and track your valuable assets!

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